How to Sew a Daisy

Daisy stitch is so lovely and cheerful. It is really just a slight variation on a chain stitch.  It is very versatile, as you can vary the size and number of petals on your daisies.

Make a longish stitch from your starting point

The length of this stitch will determine the length of the petals of your daisy.

Wrap the wool around the needle

Stitch back down to make a small stitch to hold your loop in place

Stitch back up in the centre of your flower

Make your next petal in the same way

This is a slightly quicker way to stitch back to the middle

Then keep making the petals. Try to keep the angle between your petals roughly the same. But this is homemade so don't worry too much.

Nearly finished
I have added a french knot to the centre of this daisy

See my other page on how to sew a french knot

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