Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Vintage Patterns

I think people can be basically divided into two types: Type A, those who spend their time getting rid of things, and Type B who like to keep everything, just in case it will come in handy some day. Unfortunately my mother is one of the first type, and I am one of the second. Or perhaps that is lucky! I promise you that when we visit she has been known to fill the back of the car with bags of stuff without even telling us. Mind you perhaps that means she is a bit of a Type B, as she has kept some of her stuff a long time.

Last time I visited she did give me these lovely old pattern books.  I am not sure even how old the first book of patterns is. I think it could be pre-war. Although it is a bit yellowed with age, it is jam-packed with knitting patterns, or as it calls them "recipes".

The other book she gave me dates from the 1970's, and it made me nostalgic. I had not seen since I was a teenager, but do remember knitting several of the patterns.  I definitely made a teacosy, as well as some of the coathanger covers, and have a feeling that either me or my sister had a go at the doll.

Perhaps most knitters and sewers have a pile of old patterns stashed away?


  1. OMG that is heaven to me!!!! I adore those old pattern books, if nothing else they make me giggle hard (plus they tend to have some awesome stitch patterns in them).
    Great stuff!

  2. my mum loves to hold onto things too,now and then it can be handy that she has shelves full of craft books that she hasn't looked at in years. I find all sorts of treasures:)

  3. Hi Ginny!
    I'm type B and my family is type A.That's a problem!!!
    Few days ago i got a book with the same pattern of the tea cozy also from the 70's.I'm goung to try it.