Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Usual Suspects/Donkey Giveaway

Derek Says "Hi"

Some of you may have noticed Derek the Donkey loitering in my side bar. I knitted him quite a while ago, along with a small Cow and a Pig. The others have gone, but I am so fond of Derek that I still have him, and sometimes think of him as my avatar or daemon, especially if I am feeling a bit shy. (If you like Philip Pullman's books you will know what I mean by daemon.) He is more of an Eeyore sort of donkey (although more cheerful I hope), and not manic like Donkey from Shrek. Like a donkey I think I am quite quiet, a bit of a plodder, but friendly and loyal.

I had some requests for the instructions how to make him, but when I found the rather scrappy bit of paper that I had made some jottings on, discovered that although I had carefully written down donkey ear and leg instructions, I had some very confusing notes on a pig's noses and tails. "Never mind", I thought, "I can easily reconstruct him". So I have been knitting donkeys all week, getting closer and closer to original Derek.

The Usual Suspects

Here they are, the rather unruly bunch.  Can you tell which one is Derek?

So I thought I would do a small giveaway. If you would like me to send you a non-Derek Donkey (I am afraid I still want to hang on to the original) please leave a comment telling me what animal would be your avatar or daemon and why you identify with that animal. I will announce the winners on September 4th.

There will be two winners, but if you don't win, I have put the pattern for Derek on Ravelry, so you could have a go at making your own Donkey. It is a tiny pattern. Derek is only 7-8 cm tall, and the pattern has plenty of photos to help you with the making up.

Derek and Friend

Derek says "Bye"


  1. I always identified with mole from Wind in the Willows- "bother housework"- down tools and head off for the big wide world! I think your donkeys are just lovely!

  2. He's gorgeous! I'd love a non-Derek donkey.

    I identify with cats. They just don't let anything bother them. Or they'll give you a swipe and get back to licking their butt. Not that I lick my butt!

  3. When I started reading about your reasons why you identify with the donkey (or Derek), I thought thought that you are so right. Now I can't choose the donkey too, can I?
    I would love to be a cat, but that's more of a wish because I am not a cat at all. Cats are relaxation experts. I am not! Which animal to choose? ....
    Now, maybe a bee. I am busy most of the time, love flowers and turn anything that comes into my hands into something use- and beautiful. Winter is not my season.
    I love your donkeys. :-)

  4. Hahaha. Love the line-up. I got good laugh out of it. Derek is darling. I don't know that I have an animal that I particularly relate to. I'm not sure I've ever considered it, but I'm going think on it now. :-D

  5. My brother-in-law is aboriginal and he tells me that they have "clan animals". Their clan animal is an "eagle" but my five year-old nephew told me mine should be a rabbit. Not sure why exactly but I do see a lot of rabbits in my neighbourhood, in my garden, begging for food at the back door :)

  6. I'd like to say cats because of their mistery but I think I'm more like a mischivieous puppy.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  7. awww arent those donkeys lovely! i think their "wooliness" makes them sweet and cuddly x

  8. Absolutely adorable. So much character.

  9. I can't believe I haven't found your blog before - loving having a read through. Derek is quite handsome isn't he?! I think a non-derek would be really happy hanging out with me at my work table, Eeyore-ing at me occasionally to make sure I am giving him a bit of attention, and pointing out where I have missed something in a cheerful and non-judgmental way... yes, I would LOVE to win one of you! Hmm animal... At the moment I identify with a goldfish - swimming around in circles and forgetting everything that happened 3 seconds ago... Lisa xx

  10. a cat i think, so much personality.

  11. I love Derek, and I remember dreeeeaming of having a daemon for ages when I was about 11. I would have a cat - probably in the form of Pan when he settled, as I loved the description of him in the book. Brilliant.

    I've done a Follow Friday style blog-post today, and I've featured your blog on it. I'd love it if you could recommend three blogs to me that you love to read, but if you don't have time that's no problem at all. (The blog is www.plutoniummuffins.com if you want to check it out.)

    Thank you for being a source of inspiration to me!

    Corrie xx

  12. Ok, that donkey line-up is *most* excellent! I'm with a lot of others - cats are my animals. Pretty much any type. Independent, willful, graceful, always funny characters - how can you not like them?

  13. What a fun giveaway especially with an abundance of non-derek donkeys. That must be frustrating to write a pattern and not have it turn out quite like you want it when attempting to repeat. Derek is worth repeating though, very cute.

    My daemon would be...a Miniature Schnauzer. Yeah, Alpaca was too obvious. I can identify with my dog's need to please yet still keep their stubborn ground.

  14. Your donkey is sooo cute and I'm in love with the line-up.

    I love donkeys and met a really funny one this summer when I gave an alpaca a mohawk. Hubba really wants to get one some day... a donkey, not a mohawk. ;-)

    I already have Charlie Brown, our very first alpaca, as my avatar on Twitter and Ravelry. On Facebook I have a bobbin of freshly spun alpaca. So my answer is alpaca. :-)

  15. Hi, visiting via Fibre arts friday. Derek is just wonderful. I used to have endless conversations with my children about what their daemon would be, and they would play games with a cuddly toy of some kind taking on the job. Philip pullman's books have been such an inspiration. I'd quite like a sloth, because I have this idea that they should be some like of foil for your own personality.
    Will go hunt the pattern on Ravelry now as well.
    thanks for sharing

  16. Derek is truly adorable. I'd love to see him in some stop action animation. I'd definitely be a fan.

  17. I adore the line up - that is so awesome. Not sure what animal I would be something random and slightly unusual I'd hope

  18. How adorable! I can tell you have a great sense of humor with the lineup. Love the donkey! Thanks for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day! http://www.mymerrymessylife.com/2012/08/hookin-on-hump-day-12-link-party-for.html

  19. I hope it's not too late to enter. Derek is adorable. I can't think of the perfect animal for me right now. Maybe a spider, cuz I spin. :)