Wednesday 9 January 2013

Gingerbread House

Some time last year I saw on another blog some tin baking trays designed to make a gingerbread house. I thought this looked such a great idea, and so was really delighted when Father Christmas found and delivered Frankie some gingerbread house trays.

These are made of sillicone, and I think they are something we will use time and time again.

She had such fun making (and decorating this house). There is a gingerbread recipe on the packaging, which worked really well. The sections of the house were easy to turn out, and constructing the house was not difficult. 

My daughter is 10 years old, and has done a lot of cooking, so apart from helping her with the oven, she made and decorated this house without any help. (I was knitting and supervising from a distance!) They also suggest you can use the trays as moulds for a solid chocolate house, which would be rather fantastic!

The house is still uneaten, although quite a lot of the sweets have mysteriously gone missing. We also caught one of my cats on the table licking the chocolate decking, so we are going to give that part a miss.

If anyone in the UK is interested Santa told me he got the trays at Lakeland Plastics, and they do have a website. You can find the trays at


  1. What a fantastic Gingerbread House!!! My 10 year old received Gingerbread House cutters and we're all set to make a house but I do love the idea of the moulds : -)

  2. lol @ your cat sneaky sneaky!

    I didn't get around to making a gingerbread house last year :( I suppose I could just make a non-christmassy one?

  3. This is great and well done to Frankie. If I had much in the way of baking skills this would be so much fun... As it is I will leave it to the pros. Mine may well resemble London after the riots.

  4. Gosh, well done Frankie! I so love a sweet gingerbread house!!

    Thanks for the link, I know a couple of youngsters who would love to receive these when they're 11 in February!

  5. Tell Frankie well done. She did a fantastic job. I've always wanted to make one but have been too scared to even try so at ten she already way ahead of me:)

  6. Oh how fun, your house turned our really wonderful! I love all the details, I guess the cat did too! We didn't make one this year but I think we will give it a go next year. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, how fun and such a wonderful idea. I know I have failed at making gingerbread houses from scratch due to not getting the pieces right. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!