Saturday, 16 February 2013

Age, Beauty and Snakes

Happy Chinese New Year

Year of the Snake 

Chinese Lantern Plant

I took this photo back in the Autumn. My daughter is learning piano, and this lovely Chinese lantern plant was in her teacher's garden. I love the way it gets more beautiful as it ages (just like some people). Do you know anyone who is getting more beautiful as they get older?

I had a second trip to the British Museum, and on the journey there my son decided what I should try to photograph. He suggested snakes, as it is the Chinese Year of the Snake.

Snakes were much harder to find than I had imagined. At first I had to really hunt to find any. But they were there in nearly every culture. And eventually I did find some ...

in Mesopotania

in Ancient Egypt

and in Egyptian Hieroglyphics

with the Romans

 in China

and an Aztec Rattle Snake

in Africa

and finally in Ancient Greece with some other animals.

I really love this Greek bowl. The painting is so fresh it is hard to believe it is so old.  

In fact the only part of the museum where I couldn't find snakes was Ancient Britain.


  1. Ah. Year of the Snake. I had many years of snakes growing up around here, along the Texas Gulf Coast. Mostly copperheads and water moccasins, but with the occasional coral snake. It always kept us on edge, walking in the beautiful woods, along the bayous, but always on guard.

    Thanks for sharing all the snake representations in other cultures.

    And thanks for the aging-beauty of the Chinese Lantern Plant. I like to hope that my beauty is increasing as I age.

  2. Great versions of The Snake...I like the snake nicely "contained" in the sculptured pieces and the pottery.

    The lantern plant is gorgeous!


  3. Love the Chinese lantern pic! They are so pretty!

  4. Absolutely fabulous shots - love the lantern the most.

  5. All are neat, but my favorite one is the snake on the turtles back!
    Here's My SS

  6. Lovely photos. The first one is my favourite - and I love the idea of having a theme for a visit. My Snapshot is at

  7. What a neat photo grouping! Your son had a great idea for you!

  8. It's my first time to visit your blog and I love it! Although snake has been in Chinese Zodiac for thousands of years, there are not many snakes in Chinese arts either, probably because it carries a rather negative connotation.

    I love your baby shoes, so simple yet so creative!

  9. The photo of the Chinese lantern plant definitely shows where the idea for the little paper hanging lanterns come from. You did pretty well finding snakes -- more than I'd want to see in real life. Here's Mine

  10. What cool and informative photos of snakes! I didn't realize until an adult that snakes aren't native to my home province of Newfoundland. Apparently, though there have been recent reports of ones being found breeding on the island.

  11. Great blog♫ Charming snake's my SS:

  12. Beautiful photos. I love museums and hope to visit the British Museum this fall. The embroidered baby booties are so cute. You are so talented!


  13. You found quite a few snakes! Your son had a great idea.

  14. Interesting to study your loveely photos!

  15. Love the garden shot and museum photos are great ~

  16. I guess the Brits didn't care for snakes too much, lol. Love that plant!

  17. Lovely photos of snakes in art. I do know many people who get lovelier as they get older. A sweet sentiment. xoxo

  18. Love the lantern but enough of the snakes! LOL

  19. Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #3' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #4...