Friday, 26 April 2013

Confessions of a Secret Technophobe

Are you a secret technophobe? I know you are sitting at a computer, reading my blog, so you must be techie to some extent. I also know that I have been running my blog for over a year now, so you would probably say "of course you are not technophobic!", but I am, I just try to keep quiet about it.

I am fine once I get used to a way of doing something, but new versions of software etc. can completely throw me. It is partly an age thing. After all the most sophisticated thing I had as a child was probably an EtchaSketch. But I will call out to hubby (who is older than me) if I am stuck, and he is more than happy to click around in a programme that he is not familiar with and explore. I like to know exactly what I am doing before I begin. I think I put off blogging for about a year, as I thought I would have to know everything before I started. But it does seem the best way to learn is to just get on and do it, and probably make a few mistakes along the way.

It is not just computers, I am just the same with household appliances. I have still not made a cup of coffee from hubby's new coffeemaker that he got at Christmas. I love some of the functions of our new telly now (but when we got it was so upset by its size that I would sit upstairs watching the old portable one). And do not remind me of the trauma of adjusting to a new car!

What has brought this to mind is that I have been trying to branch Ginx Craft out. I have created a Ginx Craft facebook page, thinking this might be a good way to separate my crafty self from my other facebook self. There is a link to it at the top of this page. I would love it if you want to pop in there and have a look. But even this hasn't quite worked as I intended, as anything I link to my new page still seems to come up in the newsfeed too, but I am working on this.  I have also opened a Pinterest account. I've not got very far with this, as I have just pinned a lot of my own pictures.  But early days.

So I would love it if anyone has any tips on how they link their blog to other social media, and how useful they have found this? 

Or just tell me in what ways you are a secret technophobe.


  1. I use Facebook for my personal contacts, but I do notice that some of the very popular designers, like Ysolda Teague, tend to mix their personal and professional content in social media. People seem to feel more connected with them that way.

  2. My blog is more personal than professional, so I tend to just have one profile in social media. I think it just depends on how you feel, if having the two streams merged together ever makes you feel hindered one way or another.

    And I am kind of a technophobe in that I hate change, and technology is constantly changing. I love the comfort of the same old, same old. Even a software update on my iPhone makes me nervous that something might go wrong because I'm doing something new.

  3. Hello, Found you through weekly top shot! I am a self employed web developer so I may be able to offer you some social media advice. You may want to start off using Twitter in order to gain some momentum for your blog and your brand, but for most of us it's not as easy as "build it and they will come." Create a twitter account and start following other bloggers, other crafters, other people in your niche. Engage them. Tweet them and retweet for them, because they will follow, engage, and retweet you back, gaining you more influence and exposure. From the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: "Seek first to understand, than to be understood." Meaning if you want people to take an interest in who you are and what you have to offer, start first by engaging THEM!

    I blog over at and have a contact page, feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

  4. I love messing around with technology. I am no expert, but I like the learning process. I'm a Mac girl. My husband has a PC. He is forever asking me "how do I...?" He keeps me on my toes that's for sure!

  5. I am finding that G+ offers the most the Social Medias to 'network' and learn ~ so would be my suggestion ~ i am a 'blogger' and know just enough but a bit more than most ~ It is all a learning curve ~ easier if it is 'intuitive' ~ but that is not always the case in cyberspace ~ enjoy the weekend ` ^_^

  6. Another suggestion ~ try to get rid of the 'not a robot fill in ~ you may get more comments ~

    1. I tried this, but have been innudated with spam messages, so I have put it back on. Hope this stops them.

    2. I had this spam problem too when I disabled word verification but disabling 'anonymous' comments as well it sorted it completely. :)

  7. I'm not sure I'm a technophobe but I'm old and don't like it when they mess with software or web sites that I'm used to! lol

  8. I use twitter to promote my blog. Wordpress automatically tweets each post if I want it to. And I use hashtags that might attract visitors.

    I still use XP. It does everything I need so I see no reason to upgrade to a new version. And if I do upgrade, my photo editing software won't work and I'd be forced to buy new software ... and then I'd have to learn the new stuff, and spend money to do it. I'm not a technophobe... if it's not broke I don't like to have to fix it! Ok, I'll stop ranting.

  9. Technophobes of the world, unite! (Via land line if possible. Or snail mail.)

    I AM a not-so-secret technophobe. Partly due to lack of income to indulge in all the latest little gadgets, partly due to middle age, and partly because I just like to keep things simple. Luckily my husband (like yours) is a wonderful tame computer technician and quite handy with updates and software installations.

    So behind the times am I that I can't operate an I-phone, have never texted or tweeted (or twitted?) and still can't figure out what an RSS feed is.

    Your mermaids and seashells are beautiful. No computer could ever make those. :)

  10. Sis you should use Twitter. Was the Etch-a-Sketch not mine? What about the Spirograph? Let's be honest .... our childhood was not at all techie... heck! we used slide-rules!