Friday, 6 December 2013


Meet Dandelion. She is not very seasonal, I know, but I have some more fairies (some of whom are a bit more Christmassy), and am going to feature them all over the next week. Hopefully there will be a new one to see each day. I started off thinking I will make angels, but they have ended up being fairies again. 

My problem has been photographing them, as the light does not seem good before I go to work, or when I get back.

For some reason I keep humming Barry Manilow's Copacabana. Can't think why! She just looks like a bit of a show girl to me. She is off to Etsy later today, where I have had a bit of a run of sales on my fairies recently.


  1. She is a delight! Chrissie x ps You do realize that I'll have "Copacabana" in my head the rest of the day now...but not necessarily a bad thing! :-)

  2. Lovley. I really love the little bag. Can't wait to see more fairies.

  3. She's very sweet. I love her bright colors.

  4. hahah her name was lola ..she was a showgirl..
    with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there...
    haha we all singing it now!!!!....
    this dandylion showgirl is sooooo cute!!!!

  5. She is adorable...and we are having cold weather so she is a breath of warm air.

  6. Oh my. She is wonderful! I know what you mean about the light not being good. I'm looking forward to longer and warmer days!

  7. Ah, she's so cute. I love her little yellow plumage. Good luck with the rest of the fairies xx