Thursday 12 June 2014

How to Make a Small Bobble

This is the bobble technique I have used in my Frog Motif, Frog Mittens and Frog Baby Hat. There are many different techniques for making bobbles. In them all you will increase from one stitch to several, and then decrease back to one. If you want a larger bobble there are methods where you increase to many more stitches than here, and knit several rows just on these stitches, before decreasing. But for my frog I only needed a very small bobble, and after a bit of experimenting I found this the simplest method, but it also gave the best , most froggy results.
Here I am casting on in my normal way to make two stitches from one.
I repeat this to make three stitches.
Putting the third stitch onto my left needle.
Here I have knitted the first two stitches.
I then pass the first stitch over the second to get rid of it.
Then having knitted the last of the stitches, I again cast off.

Now I have the same number of stitches that I started with.

In my frogs I knit three of these bobbles in a row on each foot. Then further up the eyes are also made with two bobbles with two knit stitches inbetween.


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