Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Model's Own Accessories

I made this dress for my daughter before we went on holiday, and had the idea that some photos playing on the beach would be great. Somehow that isn't how they turned out. I think my little girl may be growing up before my eyes. When did that happen? These pictures were taken at the North Devon County Show. You may also notice the change of hair colour, which I agreed to in a moment of weakness, and am very much hoping will wash out before she goes back to school.

This is the pattern I used ....

... and the fabric that my sister will recognise, as I think it was a leftover from some window blinds. It was just the right width, and I like the balloon like pattern. I will probably have another go, and make the version with a different panel down the front, or the shorts version. This was quite an easy make. I made it over two days, though it could be done in one if you are a fairly quick sewer.

I slightly altered the pattern. Instead of using the shop bought bias tape that the pattern recommended, I thought it would look nicer to make my own tape from the main fabric. I had enough material to cut the tape for the front and back neck edges on the diagonal, but was running out of fabric and had to cut the tape for round the armhole straight. But it seemed to work fine. 

We then altered the shoulders to have ties, as this seemed much simpler that trying to get the lengths exactly right, and I thought would make the dress wearable for longer as she grows.  I top-stitched either side of all the seams as I thought it gave it a better finish. I would be interested to know what other sewers do about neatening seams. I don't have an overlocker, and often use a zigzag stitch to neaten, but this always takes a lot of time and thread.

But I am going to get back to some knitting next, as this seems to have become a sewing blog over the last few weeks.


  1. The dress looks gorgeous as does your daughter. They grow up so quickly and I think those last years at school seem to just fly by. Her hair does look lovely and the colour does suit her. Couple more weeks before schools back so hopefully you won't have to worry. Looking forward to seeing some more of your wonderful knitting.
    Ali xx

  2. What a lovely dress. Summer is more suited to dressmaking rather than knitting, but now that it's turning cold again, it's good to pick up the knitting needles. Your daughter's hair colour looks lovely and I'm sure it will be back to normal for school. My daughter phoned the other day to say she'd just had a tattoo!

  3. That left-over fabric from her (grown-up....) cousins' playroom blinds has definitely been put to good use. I agree with Ali above....time flies and they grow up so quickly. Keep up the good work sis! You've also inspired me to attempt some cushion covers of my own :)

  4. I love the use of curtain fabric - she looks lovely. The hair colour doesn't look unnatural, so she may get away with it with a couple of weeks washes thrown in!!

  5. love the fabric and what a pretty dress and design :) so talented! x

  6. I love the hair, the glasses and the dress. :-)