Monday, 5 September 2016

Beach Crop Top

Sometimes as a mum you feel that you just can't win. I really wanted to knit something for my daughter, but a nice poloneck or cardigan just wouldn't do (her words). So something young and funky (my words not hers, apparently young people don't say funky). I decided to make a crop top that she could wear on the beach. (We did actually have one day at the beach on our holiday, and all swam in the sea, even me!) 

I was really quite pleased with this little halter neck top, which I have made up as I went along. I can't quite decide whether to type it up as a pattern. As soon as you get into clothing there is the problem of offering various sizes. At the moment it is just notes on a scrappy bit of paper, which is cut to the same shape as the top. Perhaps I will leave this for some winter evenings, as it is not really the time of year for folk to start to knit a beach top (except in Australia).

But her verdict is it is far too small!!! This from the girl that it has taken me half a year to persuade that she needed some longer school skirts. (Ha, ha - I have just won on that argument.) I can't quite understand it, as it is much more discrete than any bikini top. I think the real problem may be that it is woollie. 

So my reluctant model may not even give me permission for this post. I keep telling her that hardly anyone looks at my blog. We will have to see ....


  1. Isn't it hard to make things that teens will wear. Your halter top turned out very nice. I have made socks with a similar shell pattern.

  2. Love this! Alas, my days of baring skin are over, but I have a daughter in law that it would. be perfect for! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's such a pretty pattern - I think I've made socks along similar lines too, and I love the colour, it's like a faded beach hut (in the best possible way!)

  4. It's lovely but you can never please teenagers, thank you for linking. :) xx

  5. My daughter won't even let me knit anything for her at at least your daughter tried it on! LOL it's a lovely knit!