Saturday 21 January 2017

Green 2CV

I made this Green 2CV for a customer in Spain. I have realised that most of my 2CV customers are from somewhere outside the UK and in Europe. It has now become much more unusual to even see a 2CV where I live.  

It was fun to make this car, and I hope the customer liked it. If you want to make your own you can find the pattern here, or how to order me to make one through Etsy here.


  1. Love it, as always! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  2. I'm still amazed every time I see one of these that you've made, the detail is just outstanding.
    Thinking about it we don't see 2CV's round here much any more either, it's all Fiesta's, Corsa's and Ibiza's these days!
    Thanks for stopping by at #HandmadeMonday

  3. You on a roll with your cars, so well thought out and made. PS used to have one of these

  4. It's true, I can't remember the last time I saw one over here either! Your knitted version is just gorgeous, and so detailed :)