Friday, 2 June 2017

Alan the Alpaca

I would like you to meet Alan the Alpaca. Alan was one of my birthday gifts from my daughter. She disappeared up to my sewing room, and the only thing she said she needed for my surprise gift was some stuffing. (I have been slightly obsessing about alpacas recently, and I hope to show you the reason soon.) 

Alan is very soft and cuddly, and when I asked where she had got the material to make him, she said "Oh, I cut up my dressing gown". I should be cross, I know. But as I was shown the dressing gown with some alpaca-shaped holes in the back, we had to laugh. I have a plan to fix the dressing gown, with a interesting new panel. I could not really be annoyed, as she had been so ingenious, making Alan without any pattern. She has always had that confidence when making things - just to go for it.


  1. Your daughter is so talented she has obviously inherited her skills from her Mum. Alan is so cute what a lovely gift a belated Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend. :) xx

  2. What beautiful work! Your daughter apparently has your gift for craftwork.

  3. wow, good for her! and such a funny story that only the likes of us can understand....happy birthday! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  4. Your daughter's so clever, Alan is lovely.

  5. *SWEET*!! :-D
    BTW, at the rate your Daughter is following in your footsteps, she'll soon be walking off with your shoes!!

  6. You are a great mum, not being too cross about the dressing gown. Alan is spectacular and I guess the dressing gown can always have a makeover. I'm imagining a Sound of Music curtain type situation. Thanks for sharing with us at Handmade Monday.
    When your daughter starts her own blog make sure she shares her makes with us too!!!!

    1. Hi Ginny, please let your daughter know we featured Alan at this weeks Handmade Monday :-)

  7. Isn't that gorgeous, what a clever daughter you have. We have 2 alpaca and I recognised this as an alpaca straight away. Very life like! #RealCraftyLinkParty

  8. Oh my!!! he is gorgeous!! What a clever girl! Takes after her mum!!

  9. Oh, he's the cutest, what a lovely gift! Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!