Saturday, 18 November 2017

Weather Watchers

I have not being doing as much photography as I used to. So I have been trying recently to take a few more shots, and send some photographs to the BBC Weather Watchers. You can submit your photographs online, and if you are very lucky your photo might be featured behind the weather forecaster on one of the BBC News programmes.

I had been trying occasionally for a while, with no luck. My new decision was that every day when I walk the dog, I take my camera, and submit the best photograph. I think there is a bit of an art to it. Your photo has to be taken on that day, be landscape in orientation, not feature people, and reflect something about the weather that the presenter wants to talk about. Occasionally there will be an arty close up, but I tend to think that you need at least half of the photo to be of the sky.

I was delighted last week that finally one of my photos was featured on the BBC News Channel. You get a message telling you that you are Editor's Pick, but not the time or channel where your photo will appear. It took a bit of a search to find my picture.

For a laugh, a few days later, I took another picture of almost the same view. It was rather dull weather that day, but I was amazed that it was featured on the BBC London News. I wonder if once you have been featured once, you are put on a short-list, or maybe it was just chance. 

Although I live on the edge of London, we are so lucky to have the beautiful stretch of the River Thames only a short walk from my house. We are also close to some other lovely park areas: Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common. There is plenty of scope for enjoyable walks with the dog and my camera.

What I like about the Weather Watchers is that it really is open to everyone. We all have weather, and the photos just have to capture it, not necessarily the most beautiful view, or taken with the best camera. The BBC also get a daily record of the weather over the whole country.

Clicking around a bit more I have found another of my photos from earlier in the month on a page about frost, and the photo below on their bulletin board. They must have forgotten to tell me they were using it. So arty shots do stand a chance. The fern photo was taken on a frosty morning in Richmond Park. You can see the whole piece at



  1. Congratulations on having your photos featured on TV. They're beautiful. What a great idea for getting viewers involved in the newscast. I especially love the frosty fern.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features two photography tips.

  2. What fun! Congrats on your featured photos...and enjoy taking more. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I love a good weather shot & you've got some beauties! Capturing the light & reflections off water makes for some lovely pics. Congrats on getting your pics on the news :-)

  4. How awesome!

    Now you need to find a way to include a little of your craftIng in the picture!

  5. Thanks for sharing.

    It's great to hear how users across the country have incorporated weather watching into their regular routines.


    Business Analyst, BBC Design & Engineering - Weather

  6. Well done on being featured. Love the river view

  7. Ooo, how exciting, Is that national weather or local? I'll look out for you again if it's the national forecast. Your photos are lovely, I think practice makes perfect when it comes to most things, including photography.