Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year and Ginx Yarn Linx Party

Wishing everyone who visits my blog Happy New Year!

If you do knit anything from my patterns, please send me a photo, or link the project on ravelry. It is lovely to see my patterns knitted up, and get a bit of feedback.

I have done much less pattern creating than other years. So although I have been knitting, I have sometimes found I just haven't had the energy for the pattern-inventing sort of knitting, which requires a lot more thought.

That said, I have come out with some new patterns. You can click on the photos to go to the pattern.



Christmas Elephants

Tiny Elf Clogs

My other main knitting sales have been versions of my car patterns. Seven cars, 1 van and a caravan. So that is probably why I feel I have been knitting. I do enjoy it when someone asks for a personalised version of my cars, so below are photos of some made this year. I have a few more coming up, but I like to know that the recipients are happy before I post about them.

So what for next year. I have ideas for some new patterns, I do feel perhaps I should update the look of this blog, but that seems such a major task I am not sure how to start. I still have the ambition to publish a book of patterns, but the main thing that I have decided to do (and can start straight away) is run a monthly link party. 

Quite a few of the knitting parties where I used to regularly link have folded this year. So perhaps rather than feel sad about this, I am going to try and run my own. 

I don't want to set too many rules, so you don't have to follow me unless you wish to. I had the idea for it to be monthly, and just for fibre or yarn related crafts. (So knitting, crochet, and any other crafts that use yarn or wool.) Please only link posts that fit this criteria. Apologies to other crafts, but there seems plenty of other parties out there for you. 

I will also feature my favourite link/s each month when I open the party for the next month. And if you have linked this month I will send you a reminder for next month. Please try and visit some of the other posts. (I know I have done it myself, been one of the first to link and then forgotten to call back. But as this party is going to run all month, please try and pop back from time to time and see who has joined in.) I don't mind if you link to old posts, so long as they are yarn-related, and a max of 3 per person per party.

Now I have just got to work out how to make a link party!! If you do come and party it would be great if you could mention it or post my blog button (which you can see below) on your own blog. There will also be an "I was featured" button. 

This is my first party (and I am a bit of a technophobe), so I hope you will support me and each other, and make it a fun place to share your projects and ideas.

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  1. Oh my love love love the cute little pink vespa. I've always wanted to own a Vespa, but that's never happened. I'm making some blog runs today to say Happy New Years

    Bridge and Beyond

  2. Woot woot, got everything to work. Got your badge on two of my blogs.

    1. That is just how I feel when I get anything techy to work. Thanks for advertising the party.

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE the Alpacas!!!! I need to go learn how to knit now!

  4. That is really beautiful work Ginny that you are doing. The alpacas are particularly sweet. Good idea to set up a knitting link up and leaving folks a month is nice and realistic :-) Will post my bears as you seemed to like them :-) and will link back with you.

  5. Oh, congratulations on creating your own party, I've added it to my link parties page. I have nothing thread-related to show this week, but I'm planning to post about the scrappy blanket I finished yesterday in the upcoming weeks and I'll come back to share it here. In the meantime, thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party and I hope you can come back next week too.
    Happy 2018!

  6. All your patterns are as cute as can be, congratulations on starting your own link party I hope that you have as much fun with it as I did with mine. Happy New Year! xx

  7. Brilliant idea having a monthly yarn based link up. It'll be fab. Happy New Year.

  8. Well done you starting your own party. Good luck!

  9. I have to say those cars are ridiculously gorgeous!!! You really are so very clever! xx