Saturday, 24 February 2018

Direwolf Socks No. 2

Here they are, the reworking of my previous Direwolf Socks, and also probably the product of half-term and too much time watching the Winter Olympics. But I am delighted that I have finally managed to knit a pair of socks for my son.

These socks have been very much improvised. The following notes may only make sense to sock-knitters. I started knitting the top leg section flat, as this seemed the easiest way to incorporate the direwolf motif. Once again I used a chart from Direwolf Mittens by Carly Hill. Much happier with this part of the sock, as I have the wolves facing forward and properly on the side. So for this top part of the sock there is a seam at the back of the leg. 

The plan was to continue knitting the heel flat, and then when I got to the foot to knit in the round. But by the time I got that far, I realised that I was possibly going to run out of the grey wool. So I decided to knit the sole in navy blue and top of the foot in grey, which I hoped would mean I would be able to eek out the grey wool. To do this I had to continue knitting flat. To be extra careful that I had enough wool, I stopped knitting sock 1, and decided to knit sock 2 to the same stage, so I could more accurately see how much wool I had left. Then there was the trip to the kitchen to weigh the grey wool, and divide it between each sock! Again I was running out of wool, which is why the feet had to have stripes of blue on the top of the foot, to conserve the small amounts of grey that I had left. So the foot section is also knitted flat, and there is a seam on one side of the foot, where the navy and grey meet. Alas, I was still running out of wool, so you will see I then had to make my stripes of blue wider, and strangely although this was only to conserve the wool, it is my favourite part of the socks. 

So perhaps there is a reason why most socks are knitted in the round. I am a little worried that the seams will mean the socks are not quite as structurally strong, or comfortable as a sock with no seams, but we will see. What I thought was good about the method I used is that the seams are not on the sole of the sock. 

I am thinking I may have another go at a pair of socks knitted flat, but this time accurately write down what I did. I am sure there must be people who want to knit socks, but just don't like knitting in the round, doublepoints or magic loop?

I think I mentioned that my son, although being dyslexic, so liked Game of Thrones, that he has read the books in the series. He even persuaded me to read the first volume, and although I enjoyed it, the second one is sitting on my bedside table. He has just read The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov, and I have begun the first volume. Is there inspiration for a pair of socks there!

But before that my daughter has said that she would like a pair of socks. She would like them to be colourful striped, ... but she would like the stripes to be vertical. Aaargh .... 

Just a reminder that we are getting through February but there is still time left to join in my Ginx Woolly Linx party. Click on the photo below or at the top of the page to find the party. I would love to see what you have been working on this month.


  1. I'm sure you can do it. You can knit anything!

  2. In sewing and in crafts, I've found that when I've encountered a problem (not enough fabric, flaw in the fabric, etc.), the solution often turns out to be more interesting than the original plan. Looks like that happened with these handsome socks. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your daughter's vertically striped rainbow-hued socks.
    My Saturday post: ”Snowy Snapshots.”

  3. Fantastic, keep meaning to have a go at socks as so cosy

  4. LOVE THEM!! :-D
    Would love them more IF they also came with a "JOHN"..? - I already have the "SNOW"!
    ...and "THE WALL" that is seriously in need of some Dragon-breath to melt it down!

  5. These are fabulous, love love love them.
    Just tell your daughter 'no sorry, horizontal stripes or no stripes at all!' !! Or spend hours working out how to make amazing vertically stripes socks - that's your other option!

  6. Those socks are awesome! Now I'm off to Google The Foundation Series.

  7. That are amazing, thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  8. They look cool! And warm.