Saturday, 8 February 2020

Nuthatch and Woodpecker

Sometimes I think that the nuthatch is teasing me. "Yes ha ha, I'm here on the feeder, but I'm not going to sit on the side facing you." But eventually after watching for quite a while, he did come round to the other side and show himself, and I even think he might have been posing a bit for me.

I have the same problem with the woodpecker. He flies down to the feeders, and likes to sit on the palm tree, but frequently peeking at me from the other side. Sometimes even the minute I pick up my camera he is off. Back he goes to sit in the big oak tree. I can see him up there, but he is too far away. Again with a bit of patience I have managed to get some photos of him. He is so beautiful it is worth perservering.

Just a reminder that there is still plenty of time left to join in my Ginx Woolly Linx party for Feburary. Click on the photo above or at the top of the page to find the party. I would love to see what you have been working on this month.


  1. Beautiful photos. Your patience definitely paid off! And thanks for reminding me to fill my bird feeder today.