Monday, 23 July 2012

French Knot

Some of my knitting patterns include a little bit of embroidery. And although there are a lot of places on the internet that show how to do this, particularly on Youtube, I thought I would show how to do some of these stitches on wool using wool. If you haven't done much embroidery they can seem a bit daunting.

I thought I would start with the french knot, which I have used in my ladybird, butterfly patterns, and starfish. It can be really useful, especially for making eyes on little creatures.

First fasten on at the back of your knitting and stitch through to the front

Wind the wool around your needle twice

Sew into your knitting, close to where you came up, but not through the same hole

Troubleshooting: The main ways your french knot might go wrong are if you sew in too close to where you came up. If this happens you will find all your wool seems to disappear with no knot.  Just have another go. A bit of practice and it get easier.

The other thing I find can happen is that if you have too long a piece of wool it just get tangled and does not make the nice little knot. If this does happen just untangle and have another go.

Pull the wool through and you should find yourself with a perfect little french knot

Simple. If you want to make a slightly larger knot you can wrap the wool around the needle three times.


  1. This is wonderful, thanks for sharing, I have always wanted to know how to do this!

  2. Just realised that two more of my patterns have embroidery with wool so am going to make a series of stitch pages over next week. Had not known where to refer people as there is always a risk other pages will disappear at some time.

  3. Great tutorial, thank you for sharing!