Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Knits From the Swinging Sixties

A few days ago my next door neighbour brought me round a bag of old magazines. I have a few friends who use me as a decluttering halfway house. They can't bear to throw things out, but are happy to pass them on to me, where I (who am less attached to their possessions) help them on their way. There was a big pile of Woman's Realms, from the 1990's. These were quite fascinating, and I have saved some with interesting knitting patterns. The cookery pages seemed very ordinary compared with today. And the fashion pages looked very dated - big shoulder pads, some very bright colours. 

But tucked between two of these magazines was this gem from the Sixties which I though I would show you. I love the twin set on the cover.

My daughter, who likes short clothes, said that even she would not wear a dress this short!

But this is my favourite. To me the model looks anything but rugged. And I love the sub-title which says "Designed for Slim Chaps".


  1. How cool. The first photo looks like it would still be in style today. I love seeing vintage fashion..Its always interesting

  2. I don't think I could be doing with all that ribbing! They were very fond of bright colours in the Sixties!!

  3. Holy Horse! Those magazines are far out!