Monday, 26 August 2013

Dresden Block - 52 Week Scrap Challenge

I have finally finished my Dresden block for the 52 Week Scrap Challenge. I've had my mum staying which has been a bit distracting, but I was also dithering about what to put in the middle circle.

Although I have a big box of leftover material, when it comes to trying to find fabrics that go together, I find that nothing seems to match in colour or weight. So for this challenge I used some leftover bits from my watermelon bag that I made last year. 

I really enjoyed making and assembling the wedges. My son gave me a rotary cutting wheel and board for my birthday, which was great fun to use. I also love a bit of hand sewing, so enjoyed doing the running stitch decoration around the edge, where I exactly followed the tutorial.

I had the idea to make the middle look a bit like the seeds of a watermelon, but in the end I just sewed with a scallop stitch across some red felt. Used a huge amount of thread doing this.

I think this is destined to become a cushion cover.


  1. This is lovely. I love your choice of colours. I haven't had time to do this challenge yet but I'm hoping to catch up later.

  2. I love it. I've made some Dresden plates into placemats. I really like the watermelon look of the whole thing.

  3. Your stitches are just lovely. Love your fruity Dresden Plate xx

  4. What a great way to use up scraps. I really like the design and the watermelon fabric just looks wonderful.
    Ali x

  5. It's always the case. You have a houseful of scraps, yet it takes an age to find the right combination.

    The watermelon fabric works really well and I love the hand stitching. It sets it off beautifully xx

  6. Lovely choice of fabrics. I have the same problem when trying to match up fabrics for projects. Those decorative stitches do take up a huge amount of thread. I used so much when trying out all the different patterns when I first got my sewing machine.

  7. Love the Dresden Plate pattern with the watermelon colours!

  8. This is gorgeous - I love the way you've quilted it.