Saturday, 22 March 2014


A rather drab day, and although I am a bit embarrassed at the quality of these photographs, of what I think are a sparrow and a blackbird. I just thought it was quite interesting to show what is almost the same shot, but with a different focus. Do you have a preference, and why? Slightly reminds me of Hitchcock's The Birds.

And while I am posting about the wildlife I can see from my bedroom window, I thought you might like to see this rather scrawny fox. I only just had time to grab my camera and get this picture, before Fantastic Mr Fox disappeared. I like the way he did seem to be looking right at me!

And then I could not believe my eyes when I looked
 in the other direction, I saw this other rather plumper fox.


  1. To see a fox in the wild would be a thrill of a lifetime!!
    And yes, Hitchcock's "The Birds"

  2. Great photos! Sometimes the simple things in life make the most interesting photographs.


  3. I do like black and white photos that show "etchings" of objects against the sky. We actually had a fox come on our street when we were living in the foothills....scary!


  4. Beautiful bird photos. I love the way you shifted the focus. Cool. How delightful to see two foxes -- one scruffy and one well-groomed.

  5. I like both your bird photos. Very artsy. That first fox tugged at my heartstrings. I've only seen one fox in the wild while I was on an early morning run. Here's Mine

  6. Great shots! You can see fox from your windows? I'd be afraid to go outside!

    1. Foxes are really common where I live, though you don't tend to see them very much in the day time. But at night it is hard to go very far, without seeing one.

  7. Like them both as well as the foxes, we have a local one who comes through our garden on his travel each night. Last saturday night there was a right commotion as Merli my cat was asleep I think on the bench and the fox must have disturbed him, I heard a awful barky schreech and look out the window to see the fox scarpering and Merli all puff up, think he must have scratch the fox the way it barked, I never got down stairs so quick to get the cat in, although it seems he may have had the upper hand.
    Clare xx

  8. Bravo to you for experimenting with photos! I like the second. With the background blurred, it seems more creepy.

    Both fox photos are great. My husband and I saw a fox years ago in the distance during a walk at a local park.

  9. Intriguing manipulation of focus♪ Cool shots form your window!

  10. It's amazing what you can do with photos now. I like number one as it really gives the appearance that the bird is right there in front of you, almost jumping out of the computer monitor....

    I know foxes get a bad press but I rather like them. They're very rare where we live (I don't think seagulls and foxes mix well) so it must be lovely to see them close up xx