Saturday, 26 June 2021

Garden Diary June

Seedlings at various stages

Sunflowers, Peas, Runner beans and Mr Scarecrow guarding the Sweetcorn

I am a little late with my garden diary, and it is going to be rather brief this month. I am in London, and so have got these photos from my husband. It is lovely to see some of the planting that I did not that long ago is coming along.

He has had trouble with a pigeon, who has been enjoying pecking up some of the plants. He had a bit of a feast on some swede plants, and the strawberries that had looked so good before. So that is why Mr Scarecrow has been made, and he has tried to protect some of the plants with wire and netting. We think it is just the one pigeon, and guess we were just lucky last year. There are also a lot of rabbits around, but none of them seem to have worked their way through the fence that surrounds the vegetable plot. I find the scarecrow a bit spooky, especially as he seems a bit back to front. 

Final picture is of one of the apple trees. These don't seem as laden with fruit as last year. We think that perhaps a lot of the blossom was blown off. In a week I am off down to Cornwall, and hoping to get my hands on some of the weeds.

Still a few days left to join in Ginx Woolly Linx Party for June.

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