Tuesday 28 May 2013

How to Knit a Double Cast On

For a recent knit, my Leafy Cowl, I decided to cast on by the Double Cast On Method. I wanted as stretchy an edge as possible. No point having a lovely cowl, if you can't get it over your head. This cast on forms a very elastic edge, and I thought I would do a photo tutorial for those who don't know about it.

First make a slipknot, in from the end of your wool. You will be working with this end, as well as the wool attached to your ball (that's what makes it double). Obviously the amount of wool to allow in this end for each stitch depends on your needle size. If you are casting on a lot of stitches see how much wool you need to cast on 10 stitches, and then multiply up for more stitches. On my 4mm needles I needed approximately 1.6cm for each stitch. So if I was casting on 10 stitches I would need to make the slipknot 16 cm in from the end. If you cast on this way a lot you will get quite good at estimating the right amount of wool.

Make a loop with your short yarn end around your thumb, and insert your needle under the far strand of yarn.

Next wrap the yarn attached to your ball of wool around the needle from back to front, and draw it through the loop.

 Pull on your short end of wool to tighten.

Repeat this until you have the stitches you need.

I did try to make a short video on this technique, but whenever I try to upload it my computer just freezes. I suspect it is to do with the file size. I would really appreciate it if anyone who uses blogger can give me any advice on uploading videos. My daughter and I also made a little video on what I think is the quickest way ever to make a pompom, but I am having the same problem with that. So if you can help me with this, you could see her make a pompom in 3 minutes flat. Possibly a record!

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