Tuesday 28 May 2013

How to Knit an icord

Icords are so very useful. In my little knits I cannot remember how often I say "knit an icord", so I thought I would put a little tutorial in my sidebar to show how simple it is.

First you need two double-pointed needles. (I quite often use double-pointeds anyway for my little knits. They are lovely and short, which I find really handy, and I still don't feel completely comfortable with the magic loop technique.)

I've cast on three stitches here
You can knit an icord with anywhere between 2 and 6 and stitches. Anything more than that gets a bit tricky.
Knit these 3 stitches
At this stage don't turn your work as you would normally.

Then slide your stitches to the other end of your needle.

Pull the wool across behind fairly tightly, and then knit these stitches again.

This now has two rows.

Just repeat these steps, and you will have an icord

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