Sunday, 19 May 2013

Do You Have the Allure?

Do you have "the Allure"? I bought this handwash liquid simply so I could produce it from the shopping bag to my kids with a Ta Dah, proclaiming that I do indeed have "the Allure". (I know the spelling is not quite right, but was pretty sure my dyslexic son was not going to pick me up on it.) Who loves Miranda? I have to admit that I probably didn't get her first series, but I now love her brand of slapstick and silliness. But what I really love is watching my children watching her.

They sit (together for once) on the sofa giggling hysterically throughout the programme.  Other comedies that used to leave me a bit cold, but I have now come to love through my children are Mr Bean, and shall I confess Some Mother's Do Have Em. Someone lent us the complete box set of the later. Kids definitely like physical comedy.

Is there is a comedy that you have grown to love because of your children?

I was also going to write about Friends. For several years me and my son would watch this together, and while having a thoroughly good laugh, it would often lead us sideways into conversations about boy/girlfriend issues, babies etc. A much better way than sitting down one day to have  "the big talk". Both my children are IVF, and it was particularly useful when this was covered.

But our other favourite is The Mighty Boosh. I know some parents may not approve, and my children probably watched The Boosh when they were a bit too young, but we love the surreal humour. The picture below is from my favourite episode. I think it follows in a British tradition of surreal comedies, Python and The Goodies etc. I can remember my own parents being completely perplexed by The Goodies.

Sorry crafters, I have gone slightly off-beam with this post. But isn't it nice to know you can wash your woollies in the Allure.


  1. Oldie sit coms....Fawlty Towers, The Good Life, Dad's Army and as you mention, Mr.Bean and Some Mothers. Don't make them like that anymore!

  2. I have to say I love Miranda too and of course the bean and some mothers but the boosh is a tad on the whacky side for me. My latest fav is mrs browns boys probably via I'm Irish and he really has Irish mammies down to a perfection!!
    Rosie xx

  3. I too am a Mr Bean fan and have been (sorry....) since it's beginning. I love Mrs Brown's Boys. 'She' is so funny. I must confess though that I can't get into Miranda. She's a bit too silly for me xx