Tuesday 28 May 2013

How to Knit a Cable Cast On

I'm adding this tutorial as this is a good cast on method. It makes a strong, but stretchy edge, and having cast on you are all set to start on a knit row. But the main reason is I found it useful when knitting the petals in my Daisy pattern. I experimented with other cast on techniques, but the petals always look nicest with this one.

Make your first stitch.

Place your needle behind both threads to make your next stitch.

This is the main difference between this cast on and my normal way, where you put the needle into your stitch as if you were doing a knit stitch.

Pull the loop around and put it on your needle.

Continue in this way, remembering to put your needle behind both threads, and not into the stitch.

I do hope this is visible from my pictures, taken by hubby leaning over my shoulder.

Ready to make the fourth stitch.

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