Sunday 21 June 2015


I have finished my New York cab knitting pattern, and knitted it has reminded me of the TV comedy Taxi. Oh the lovely drivers of the Sunshine Cab Company. Taxi never seems to be repeated on UK TV, so I have not really thought about it since I used to watch in the late 1970s early 1980s. I used to love this show. I think mainly at the time because I had a bit of a crush at Tony Danza. (OK, I was very young.) I have been watching some clips on YouTube, but these days I just find myself drooling at glimpses of those lovely shiny yellow cabs in the background. How times have changed!

So many great people! First time I had seen Danny Devito, and also Christopher Lloyd. I think my favourite character was Latka (played by the late Andy Kaufman).

As you can see I have used a bit of trickery to transport my cab to New York. It is just balanced in front of a computer screen, but I think it has done the job.

So having discovered how to link to Youtube clips, here are the show credits. This instantly takes me back in time?

My knitting pattern is finished, and available Craftsy, ravelry and Etsy. It is really not a hard knit, but there is a bit of fiddling sewing up. (Have I managed to put you off?) I hope not as the end result is really cute, but if you just can't wait to own a taxi, I am putting my two samples cabs into my Etsy shop. I am sort of hoping they might find their way to someone in New York.

Friday 12 June 2015

"You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone ..."

This is just a sneaky peek at my new pattern. I don't usually do this - that is show a pattern until it is ready. But I have nothing else in the pipeline, and although the pattern is almost written, I have to make a few tweaks, and then knit another New York vintage cab, before I hope I will be set to go. 

If you are interested in knitting your own taxi, then keep watching Ginx Craft, as I will probably release the pattern in another week.

I hope most folk will get the song reference in the title of this post, so if you would like a reminder I have linked Joni Mitchell singing Big Yellow Taxi. Love this song!

Monday 1 June 2015

Rainbow Spiral Shells

I have been working on a special commission, which for me has been made a bit of a change, and as don't often knit to order. Some of my spiral shells, but in very specific colours. 

These colours were asked for in order to represent various stages in recovery. At first I had thought to knit the shells in pure bands of colour, but so that they still had a natural look, I decided to use the shell shade wool (Sirdar Crofters) together with each of the nine colours that had been asked for. This has made it an extremely firm knit, and I actually for the first time in my life have a knitting blister. But I was delighted with the way they have turned out, still looking very much as if they could be found on a beach.

It is really nice for me return to my own Spiral Shell pattern. But it was also fun to knit the shells in a slightly different way. Four shells delivered, but this is just the first batch, so back to the needles.

This is a really fun quick knit. The pattern is available in my Etsy and ravelry shops, and although I currently don't have any shells in my shop you can Etsy message me if you would like to order some.