Friday 27 February 2015

Knitted 1930s Swinsuit

At half term we went into London to visit the V&A. It is a huge museum, but you might have been able to predict that we started in fashion. Then for no real reason we wandered into the Japanese section, followed by ironwork, jewellery and then up to the top where there was an interactive room where we were the only visitors. There we tried on a crinoline, squeeze into a corset, and built our own version of Crystal Place. There was so much to see that it warrants some more visits. 

So rather than swamp you with photos I will just show you my favourite item. This is also to make up for the lack of knitwear on my blog recently. 

This knitted swinsuit must have been the height of fashion in the 1930s. It was made by Neyret, a French designer, and bought in Galeries Lafayette in Regent Street, London. It is really cleverly constructed, and in the reflection you can see the stylish navy side stripe.  I love it. Eat your heart out Madonna.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Big Fat Cookie

You may have noticed that there really seems to be a lack of knitting on my blog. I seem to have slightly lost focus, but it also because I have been working on a new pattern since the start of 2015. It is taking so much longer than I expected. So until that is done, here is a bit more cookery ....

I thought you might like to see what I came back to find the other day. She hadn't baked it, but my daughter had prepared this enormous cookie. She used this Millie's Cookie recipe, just leaving out the chocolate chips, and came up with the design herself. The letter cutters were from Santa, but he got them from Tiger. I took the photo below to try and show the scale. Despite its huge size the cookie still disappeared incredibly quickly.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Saturday 14 February 2015

Non Cook Raspberry Fudge

I saw a link on Inspire Me Wednesday at Adventures of Mel for a non-cook fudge. The recipe is on Simple Stacie, and it definitely took some of the stress out of fudge making.

We couldn't find the right brand of cake mix or sprinkles so did a bit of substitution. It would have been nice to have had little hearts like in the original, but our raspberry pieces mean that we can kid ourselves that this fudge contains one of our five a day. Fudge has been placed in a recovered chocolate box, and will be presented to hubby as a Valentine gift when he gets up this evening. (He is on a run of night shifts.)


Thursday 5 February 2015

Valentine Hearts - Free Pattern

If you fancy knitting a heart for someone you love, then I thought I would remind you of my Free Heart Pattern on ravelry. Ok it is called Christmas Love Heart, but it would suit Valentine's Day too. Here are a few hearts which you may have seen before.

The pattern has instructions for three sizes of heart, and as well as my Fair Isle charts there are also blank charts so you can work out your own Fair Isle design. Or if embroidery is more your thing, then there are some photo tutorials in Embroidery Corner in my righthand sidebar to remind you of the stitches you could use.

There is still time to make a few hearts.