Saturday 24 September 2022

Granny Square Cardigan

Finally the granny square jacket for my daughter is made, and she has left for her course studying fashion in Brighton. I wrote previously about when I started making the squares for the granny chique look. It was a close thing getting it finished, with me running in ends up to the night before she left. Will it get worn? I'm not sure, although she is planning to join the surf club, and I can imagine her sitting on the beach in it after a swim. I would really quite like one for myself, maybe in more muted colours, but will take a break from crochet for a while.

It really did take a lot of work making it. I had the idea to try and make the squares look a bit like a stained glass window, but after joining a few by just sewing together with black wool, I realised that they really needed a black crochet edge. Also that gave it a much baggier look. The sleeves, neck and button bands, and bottom rib are knitted. My crochet skills really weren't up to improvising those parts. 

So feeling a bit sad at the moment, but hoping she will have lots of exciting times.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Cushions and the Cat


A few weeks ago I showed a piece of 1950s curtain fabric, which I has bought from Penny Baker Vintage in Tavistock market to make some cushions. Finally the cushions are made, and these are just two of the four cushions. I love them. Although genuine old fabric, I don't think that they were ever hung as curtains, as there was no fading on it at all.

The backs were made from some linen material bought from Soft Touch Needlecraft. I liked this colour, and wanted to make as many cushions as I could from the 1950s fabric.
But although I had intended these cushions to be for the kitchen, I haven't quite brought myself to put them out yet. Mainly because of my cat, who is a little old lady now. Despite having two lovely soft baskets, she likes to hang out in the kitchen, and will sit on anything soft. I keep finding her having made herself all comfy on the oven glove. And although I think she is fairly healthy, and still brings us home the gift of the odd mouse, she is occasionally sick. Although I am not overly house proud, I just can't bear the thought of the cushions having to go through the wash straight away. So for the moment they are still by the sewing machine. But last winter there was a point when she decided to spend most of her time in the airing cupboard. So that may be when the cushions come out. Am I turning into the sort of person who keeps plastic covers on their sofa? Possibly.