I have been interested in photography for a long while, and trying to take good photographs for my blog and knitting patterns has really helped motivate me. It really does seem to make a difference.
Last year I did a short photography evening course, which covered a lot of theory, but was slightly limited by they fact we were in a school classroom with artificial lights at night. But being set projects for homework was fun and useful. So looking through my huge library of photos, I decided to submit some to a stock photo site, and have had some accepted. I have already had over 90 sales, which my family joke and tell me means I can now call myself a professional photographer.
You can click on the logo above to see my photographs for sale on POND5.
Submitting the photographs has been quite a time-consuming process, which has meant looking back at all my photographs, picking ones I think may be good enough, and then labelling them for the search function. But I think this process has been really useful. Some of my photos that I thought at the time were quite good, weren't even in focus. The subjects that I like to photograph, may not be particularly commercial, or where they might be of interest there are a lot of other photographers like me who like wildlife and nature. The best sellers seem to be the road signs. Who would have thought! But I am going to continue taking photographs of the things I enjoy.
Although many of these photographs that are for sale have been published on my blog, this does not give anyone permission to use them commercially. Please do not download photographs directly from this blog. You can buy them online and use them legally for quite a small fee. If you see any other photographs on my blog that are not for sale on Pond5 or Shutterstock, and you wish to use without breaking copyright rules, than please message me direct.

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