Thursday, 27 January 2022

A Neighbourly Mini Cooper

I've been busy making another mini cooper, this time for my neighbour at my new home in Cornwall. Being a neighbour here in the country is a different thing, than in London. There you could easily hear neighbour's conversations, as they were a matter of feet away, but here even a close neighbour is a bit of long stride across a field. 

We seem to have a lot in common, as we met at the local craft fair. And both owners of a mini cooper, a lovable black dog, and a black and white cat. 

For this mini cooper I slightly altered my pattern - adding details to the wheels, and adding a spoiler to the back. Rather a sporty model.

Friday, 14 January 2022

Black Mini Cooper

Another Christmas knit, which I could not show until it was given to the recipient, my sister-in-law. Her previous red mini cooper had a little knitted version on the dashboard, but when we saw her in the autumn we heard how that car had come to a sad end in some flood water. But she was in a new black mini cooper, which I have made a version of. Had to sneak out and take a few photos, just so I could get all the details correct.

Knitted from my own pattern, which you can find here. I have made a lot of these little cars over the years, and I am currently working on another one for my mini cooper owning neighbours.

Saturday, 8 January 2022

November Balaclava by Petite Knit

Another Christmas knit, which I couldn't post about until now, although this time the main reason was that I hadn't finished it. My daughter very much wanted a balaclava, which I read are in style at the moment. Lots of patterns for these, but she found this one by PetiteKnit, called November Balaclava.

For me the knitting was a bit tricky, because it involved using circular needles. I would always rather use doublepoints, but I decided to try and follow the instruction, and perhaps it was not as scary as I thought, and I may give the circular needles another go in the future. 
The main part of the hood is knitted with a fisherman's rib, a stitch which I haven't used before. I also bought the wool recommended, which was Peruvian Highland Wool by Filcolana. Perhaps I didn't really think through the colour, and I have rather made her look like the head of a match. But she is happy with it, and I am working on another one in a more neutral shade. I slightly altered the ribbing around the face, as she wanted it a bit lower on her hairline.

So hopefully we may have a bit of colder weather. So far this year it has been very mild in Britain.