Saturday, 19 December 2015

Knitting Orders

I have been doing some knitting to order. I don't do very much of this, as sometimes it is hard to judge how long the knitting is going to take. But having intended to put some of my more popular knits in my Etsy Shop for Christmas, as usual I somehow didn't get myself organised, so was really pleased to get a few unprompted orders.
So as you can see my classic 2CV is driving off to someone named Pam

Some of the knits have been for a lady I met through one of the craft fairs that I did several years ago.

This is my Cherry Berry, but knitted in a smaller size for a toddler ...
... with matching mittens
and some baby bee shoes and shoe bag ...

... and finally my blueberry clutch bag, in sophisticated black, with a tiny silver fleck, and tartan silk lining.

I do like revisiting my own patterns from time to time. It is sort of reassuring to see that I can produce the same item. 

Also fun for me if someone wants a slight variation on one of my patterns, which is what I am working on at the moment ...

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Stashbuster Christmas Trees

If you want to make some extra decorations then my knitted Christmas Tree Pattern is incredibly versatile. As you can see they turn out great in all sorts of different colours, and you can have great fun with the decorations.

I have taken this pattern into school for my school knitting club, as it is fairly simple. Well that is what I thought, although you do need to be able to knit, purl, and know how to increase and decrease. It is a great way of using up any oddments of wool that you have left over.

It is also fun to add details with a bit of stitching. I love projects where the sewing up stitches are part of the design! There are photo tutorials for some of the stitches used here in my sidebar.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Wedding Anniversary Bus

I am always a bit thrilled when I have a sale from my Etsy Shop, but also sometimes feel a twinge of sadness when posting off something that I have spent time creating. Very silly, I know. 

But when I got a message recently asking if I could personalize one of my London buses as a Wedding Anniversary gift for seven years, I was really delighted. Seven years is traditionally associated with either copper or wool. I don't think I have ever made something that has been an anniversary gift before. My photo has not quite caught that the number on the front is a 7. 

"What a wonderful, thoughtful husband."  I keep saying this within earshot of my own husband, hoping he might be inspired for our next anniversary.