Tuesday 13 February 2018

Most Personalised Mini (so far)

This is probably the most personalised mini I have ever seen. Isn't this photo of the car great? It was quite a challenge to make a knitted version. The purchaser, from Wales, was OK with me not making the roof rack.  A shame, as it is part of the look, but I think would have needed wire etc, and I like to try to just use wool.

This knitted version was bought for the owner by his girlfriend for Christmas. I wonder if I will ever get a more personal mini to make? I very much doubt it, but who knows.

Just a reminder that there is still plenty of time left to join in my Ginx Woolly Linx party for February. Click on the photo below or at the top of the page to find the party. I would love to see what you have been working on this month.



  1. Love the minis! Your versions are adorable. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. Your talent is amazing! The Mini owner is going to be blown away and delighted by your creation.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  3. That’s incredible work! You are such an amazing artist.

  4. Wow, you have done so well to get so much detail into your mini mini. I'm sure the recipient was thrilled with his gift! #handmademonday

  5. How cute! You did a great job.

  6. So cool! Love it :)

    I love my VW (a 92) but if I ever have to get rid of it, I think I would like a mini.


    Book By Book

  7. Wow, this is fantastic so much detail and mini's are special.

  8. Someone must really love this car. And your interpretation is fantastic!

  9. I just adore these little minis you make. My first car was a red mini that I named Oswald so they hold a special place in my heart!