Monday, 24 December 2018

"A Christmas Pickle"

Has anyone else got themselves in a Christmas knitting pickle. Taken on too much, and not got it done in time. I've mentioned a few times that I'm knitting a garment, which is in fact a cardigan for my son. It's taken a bit of planning, as he doesn't like anything too flamboyant. I am not completely sure he will wear it. I know that handknitted cardigans are probably not the coolest thing, but he might, as he is not particularly into fashion. 

So I am in a pickle in two ways. Firstly, as you can see, it will not be done for Christmas. The back and two fronts are done, but I am still on the sleeves. Second problem is that I think I am not going to have enough wool. So I have decided to try and solve this problem in two ways. I'm knitting both arms at the same time, and the new plan is to have some stripes of other colours around the elbows. (Does anyone knit arms like this? I have heard that some people knit socks this way.) He is at university, and perhaps this will give him a preppy look. I think this might work out, but will keep you updated, and perhaps eventually I can get my son to model the finished garment. Not sure he will, as he is a shy young man.

And I just thought I would finish off with a few of the knitted ornament that are on my tree this year, made from my own patterns. Christmas Tree, Sand Dollar and Scallop Shell.  

These come out every year, but I may have to think of a few more ideas for next year, as the dog had a bit of a session on some of my other decorations. These are the broken ones on her bed. She had got some knitted ones off the tree, but they seem to have survived. So perhaps she is the "Christmas Pickle"!

Happy Christmas to you all!


  1. Wish you Happy New Year and enough yarn for all your projcts :)

  2. I also found myself scrambling to finish holiday orders last minute. I ended up eating the shipping difference when I had to overnight them to get them to their destinations in time...::sighs::...Next year, I will plan and work better!
    A knitted cardigan sounds like such a lovely gift! I am sure he will appreciate the hard work you put into it.
    Happy Holidays!