Saturday 13 August 2022

1950s Curtain Fabric


I saw this fabric in a vintage sale in Tavistock Pannier Market recently. Original 1950s curtain fabric of barkcloth - cotton with a bit of texture.  I really liked it, but then I dithered! I am a bit of a ditherer sometimes. Not sure if 1950s would look right in our cottage. When I got home I really regretted not buying it, as I want to make some new cushions, and my husband is a bit anti-floral, but I thought this would be an interesting compromise. 

Luckily though someone on my printing course knew the name of the stallholder, and with a bit of searching on Instagram I found and contacted her. She brought the fabric back to the market for me next time she was there. Sometimes the web is really useful. The cushions aren't made yet, as I need to get zips and perhaps a different fabric for the back.

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