Saturday, 30 June 2018

Ginx Woolly Linx Party July

Hello again, and welcome to the Ginx Woolly Linx Party for July.  I have just spent a long time looking at all the links for June. Once again I am in awe of some of your projects, and picking favourites has been tricky. I am so happy that the party is getting just a little bit bigger each month.

Maaksels van Carlak has knitted some adorable little rabbits and a bear. Check them out in their shoebox house.

Wild Daffodil has made has crocheted not one, but two of these beautiful blankets for her twin granddaughters. What lucky girls.

EyeLoveKnots has made a crochet summer tank vest. My daughter is now pestering me to make her something similar. 

and finally Lalka Crochetka has made really unique doll based on a child's drawing. I love this project.

Looking forward to seeing your July projects. Remember only projects made from yarn or wool. Doesn't have to be knitting or crochet though - does anyone still do macramé or it could be weaving!


  1. Honored to have my Chic Tank featured! Thanks for hosting this fun party :)


  2. I reallllllly hope you don't mind that I've linked up more than 3 projects! I just enjoy crocheting and sharing a lot through the month.


    1. No, that is fine. But thanks for checking. The only rule I'm sticking to fairly strictly is just yarn or wool projects. I don't want to become a cookery party.