Saturday, 2 July 2022

Summer Mushroom Dressing Gown

Whenever The Great British Sewing Bee comes around I marvel at the contestants talents and nerve, and remember that I can sew, but just haven't done it for a while. All the finalists were great this year, although my favourite didn't win, I think because she just missed the brief on the final garment.

I bought the material for this dressing gown several years ago, and have finally got around to making it. I guess it is a bit unusual for a dressing gown, but I really liked it. There is a little bit left over, and I am trying to work out a good purpose for it.

I have used the same pattern that I used to make a winter dressing gown for Mr Ginx a few years ago, and now my daughter is saying she might like one, so I really will have got my  value out of this pattern




  1. Amazing! I like it very much - and un-unusual dressing gowns are already enough around...
    Greetings from Germany,

  2. Love it, thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday! I keep thinking I should know how to sew, but don't really......that's okay too busy to even crochet!

  3. Gorgeous dressing gown and amazing fabric! I loved all the final 5 in Sewing Bee so it was nice to relax and watch them sew without worrying who won! I do know who you mean was your fav though and it was a shame at the end as her origami dress was a-maze-ing!