Thursday 28 September 2023

Samite Silk Blend - St. Nectan's Glen

I had said I would post a few of the other photos that I took for Blacker Yarns new birthday range, Samite Silk Blend. After a lovely time swimming at Bossiney Bay, my daughter and I walked up to St. Nectan's Glen. This is a really magical place, with associations with Arthurian legend.

The site gets its name from a sixth century saint who is said to have lived in a hermitage cell here. It is also said that this holy site was where the Knights of the Round Table were blessed before setting out on the Quest for the Holy Grail.

The waterfall is very tall, and shoots through this hole in the rocks. I have also changed the photo in my banner heading, which is prayer ribbons tied in the trees around the valley.

Although at first I thought that the valley was going to be a bit dark for photos, but just as I needed it there was a golden evening glow.

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  1. So interesting Ginny, yiu have such a talent