Sunday 4 February 2024

Tamara Way - Stage Three - Part One

We have a bit of a gap since our last walk, but today my son and I walked another section of the Tamara Way. Our only excuse was we have been waiting for a day of nice weather. As you will see we didn't have it today, but it was only mizzling when we set off. We started at Bere Ferrers railway station, from which the route took us back to the Tamar River. At this point it is still wide estuary, with interesting reed beds and marshes, as will as historic mining works.

I was really hoping to see some of the avocets, that are sometimes seen here. These are the beautiful birds with the upcurving beak that are on the RSPB logo. No sign of them, but I was delighted, given where I work, to see some new born lambs.

We eventually arrived at Weir Quay, and were happy to find the cafe at the boatyard was open. I'm not really one for posting food photo, but the hot chocolate and warm cheese scone were very welcome, with a delightful view of a working boat yard. I really should have photographed that scone.

Shortly after our stop at the cafe my husband turned up. He had driven to the end of the walk, and we had planned this meet up. Pretty soon the River Tamar changes, from a wide estuary to a meandering river. What was nice was we were quite high above the river for much of this part of the walk with some lovely views.


Eventually, having passed Cotehele Quay on the Cornish side of the river, we arrived at Calstock, with its impressive railway bridge. From here it was a short but steep walk up the hill to Bere Alston station and the car. Having done about 8 miles, the bulk of this section, we are planning to not leave it quite so long before doing the next part.

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