Sunday, 2 October 2022

Autumn Garden Diary

I spent some of today doing a few jobs in the vegetable garden. The pumpkins are still coming along, so will leave them a bit nearer to Halloween.

I am also proud to present my melon, which is still growing in the polytunnel. There is also a smaller one. They are called Melba, and I guess I will leave it a bit longer, and pick when there is sign of frost.

We picked some more apples, which although more abundant than last year, don't seem to produce as much juice. My husband has been pressing them most of the day. I suppose it is because of the dry summer, so overall I think we may end of with much the same amount of cider as last year. Still a lot more on the trees, and pears as well.

Quite a lovely day, and still some colourful wildlife to photograph.

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